Introductions in Locally Published Research Articles in Linguistics: Towards A Syntagmatics of Moves

Habib Abdesslem, Hassan Costello


This paper draws an analogy between the histories of traditional grammars and Swales’ rhetorical model for Research Papers Introductions. It argues that though core grammar rules for the sentence and core rhetorical patterns for the Introduction have originated from description and have risen to the status of prescription, the study of language use in different contexts can consolidate the core grammar rules and the core rhetorical patterns without undermining variation and change. The present study applies Swales’ Create a Research Space Model to describe the rhetorical patterns of Research Articles Introductions in linguistics published by two University Journals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It offers representations of the sequencing of Moves in core and extended Move patterns in what we propose to call A Syntagmatics of Moves. The study reveals that rhetorical patterns, different from Swales' core pattern, are recurrent in the analysed data. This finding brings to the fore issues related to acceptability of local researchers’ work in specialised international journals, visibility of university journals published in the periphery, and abiding by international norms and standards.


Rhetoric, Genre Studies, Research Article Studies, Research Article Introduction, CARS model, A Syntagmatics of Moves, Saudi University Journals

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