Reliability and Validity of Four Arabic Language Tests: A comparison of performance of Qatari School-aged children with and without language impairment

Saleh Shaalan


This study describes the reliability and validity of four language tests: The Sentence Comprehension Test (SCT), the Expressive Language Test (ELT), the Sentence Repetition Test (SRT), and the Arabic Picture Vocabulary Test (APVT). These tests were administered to two groups of Qatari Arabic-speaking children: A typically developing group (n=81 to 88) aged 4;6-9;4 years old and a chronologically age-matched group with specific language impairment (SLI) (n=26). The results of the four language tests showed high levels of reliability and validity and support the usefulness of these tools to diagnose children with SLI, whose performance on the tests was mostly consistent with findings in other languages. 


atari Arabic, child language development, Specific Language Impairment

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