Language and Literacy in the Arab World

The Inaugural Issue

This inaugural issue, scheduled to appear in May 2015, will be devoted to the interaction between language and literacy in the Arab world. We invite contributions related to, but not limited to, the following topics:  

  • Literacy acquisition in one of the languages of the Arab world
  • Language and literacy instruction
  • Diglossia and literacy acquisition
  • School readiness, literacy and success in school
  • Language and literacy disorders
  • Language, literacy , and ideology
  • Technology and literacy
  • Plurilingualism and pluriliteracy
  • Sociopolitical changes, policies and literacies

Submissions should be in the form of research papers using quantitative and/or qualitative methods.

The manuscript should not exceed 10000 words, including the references. Submissions should be sent either  by e-mail in a word format to Dr Abdessatar Mahfoudhi, the editor of this issue at this address: or online by using the online submission system. The deadline for submissions is Saturday, 28th February, 2015